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Once upon a time, long ago, there was a place called Happy Valley; everyone who lived there was happy. It was one of nature's garden spots nestled among the rolling hills with a lovely brook flowing among them. Winding country roads lined with lush trees and prosperous fields and farms of the village spread across the landscape. And high on a hill overlooking the valley, a majestic castle, with something very precious inside; a magic singing harp with hair of gold and eyes of violet. "My, what a happy day~" she sang, "What a sunny sky, kind of makes you sigh in a happy way~"

Her melodious voice spread far across the valley. Soon, the animals were singing along with her, from the cattle grazing in the meadows, to the crows circling the fields of corn.


Yes, the voice of the harp brought peace and happiness to the valley, but it was too good to last. (Ah, the catch; there's always a catch.) One day a mysterious shadow covered the valley, and something terrible happened. When the shadow vanished, the golden harp was gone. No longer was the valley happy, for without the magic of the harp all was misery…misery…misery; just like my middle school years.


Desolation spread across the land; everything was drying up. The fields of golden corn turned to dust. The babbling brook flowed no more. To think that this was once Happy Valley; now it's Gruesome Gulge. Days passed, weeks passed, with no more than a few remaining villagers.


Now suppose we look in on these humble peasants. Oh, that's no peasant, that's a cow. Now I know what you're thinking, 'at least they had milk'. Well, she used to be a good milker but now…she's an utter failure.


And there they are, three poor farmers, barely escaping starvation. Still alive, still breathing, sharing a pitiful crust between them. Share and share alike; sharing and staring, staring and sharing. Men facing famine, on their last straw, uh, bean I mean; well at least there are no bones in it.


Just look at that miserable creature, nothing more than a bag of grey skin and bones, truly a picture of despair; but Karkat doesn't whimper, Karkat doesn't give up. "I can't stand it!" he shouted, piling on everything he could get his hands on, shoving plates and utensils down his throat. Greatly concerned, Gamzee and Tavros tried calming him down, emptying him of the culinary items not meant for eating. "I'll be alright…I'll be alright…I'll be alright…"


He says he's alright, but I wonder, he suffered too much. What exactly is being hatched in the brain of this poor demented troll?


"Karkat!" Tavros exclaimed. "Karkat no!" The old ax that hung on the wall was missing from its place and was now in Karkat's hands as he slowly wandered towards the cow. "Karkat!"


Karkat lashed out to attack the cow, swinging the ax around. Thankfully his two companions were able to unarm him and restrain him with a nearby branch; poor Karkat. "I just gotta eat," Karkat pleaded, "I'm so…hungry."


It was a sorry predicament indeed; what to do? What to do? The three finally agreed that it would be best to sell the cow.

Tavros led his bovine friend through the valley, seeing if anyone would be willing to make a trade with him. With none in the village having anything of value to offer, Tavros approached the palace to speak with young Empress Feferi.


"Your majesty," Tavros spoke softly but respectfully, bowing before the kingdom’s ruler.


"Hello dear peasant," the empress kindly responded, "what brings you to my palace?"


"Well you uh, your majesty, see I have this cow—"


"For me? Oh thank you kind sir."


"Uh, yeah," Tavros chuckled.


"But I couldn't just take your cow," the empress said stepping down from her throne. "Your generosity will be rewarded." A smile grew on Tavros's face. Once standing on the same level, the empress pulled out a small box from her sleeve and handed it to Tavros.


"What's this?" Tavros asked opening the box. What he found inside surprised him. "Beans?!"


"Not just any beans," the empress explained, "magic beans. There’s a wonderful legend behind them." The empress retrieved a scroll and read it aloud to Tavros. “Faithful subject, good and kind, if fame and fortune thou wouldst find, oh mystic spirit of ancient queens, plant with care these magic beans.

"Gosh, thank you your majesty." Tavros bowed to the empress who patted his head and sent him on his way back home.


Back on the farm, Gamzee and Karkat were happily singing about the food they hoped for.

"Turkey, lobster, sweet potato pie; pancakes piled up 'til they reach the sky! Lots of starches, lots of greens, fancy chocolate covered—"


"Beans!" Tavros interjected coming through the door.


"Tav? What do you mean 'beans'?" Gamzee asked confused.


"I traded the cow for some magic beans."


"Beans?!" Karkat was absolutely furious and began ripping out his hair.


"But Karkat, these aren't ordinary beans, they're magic beans. If you plant these beans in the light of a full moon, do you know what'll happen?"


"Yeah, I get more beans!" Karkat through the box of beans, claiming that Tavros had been tricked. Poor Tavros could only watch as their last hope fell through the floor boards.


Night came and not an ounce of food for the three; magic beans indeed. But wait what's this? A long green vine was emerging from the spot where the beans had fallen, the full moon shining above; perhaps there is some magic in them.


All through the night it grew, onward and upward, taking the small cottage and the three farmers with it. Karkat doesn't really strike me as a heavy sleeper but I guess when you can't eat, the only thing left to do to conserve energy is sleep.


At dawn, the trio found themselves staring at a mammoth castle miles above the valley. Out of curiosity the decided to pursue this strange happening. 'Who lives there?' the wondered. Man or monster? Friend or foe? A princess or a dragon? Perhaps no one has yet to set foot on this strange place.


They finally reach the moat surrounding the castle, but that didn't stop them; they used a large leaf for a boat.


Onward they went when they heard from above a small swarm of large dragonflies. "Gee what whoppers," Tavros commented.

The trio quickly paddled, finally reaching the shore and the massive castle steps. They began to climb; forgotten was their hunger and fear. Three minds with a single thought of what lurked inside these stone walls.


Shimmying under the door of the castle, they gazed at the halls surrounding them. Suddenly they looked up; what was it?


"Food!" Karkat exclaimed happily. "Let me at it!"


They charged up to the table top where abnormally large portions of food spread across every platter. They raced to fill their long empty bellies with fruits, vegetables, and other assortments.


Then they heard a female voice that had been startled by the commotion. "Who's there?" she asked.


"That's the harp," Tavros said as the three went over to a chest at the end of the table. Tavros poked his head through the keyhole and asked, "how'd you get here?"


The harp replied, "I was kidnapped by that wicked giant Boxcar."


"A giant?!"


Yes a giant; bigger than forty men. An ogre with the power to transform into anything, man or beast. The giant had been the one to snatch the harp under cover of darkness and bring ruin to Happy Valley. All in all, the giant had no interest in the sorry state of the valley, he had just wanted someone to sing him to sleep.


And the giant came home for dinner, stomping through the castle roaring, "Fee, fi, fo, fum! Fee, fi, fo, fum!" Out the shadow halls he stepped into the light and went from roaring to singing. "Fee fi fo fum, hee hi ho hum, I'm the most amazing guy, a most amazing guy am I."


The trio looked on from behind the large pots and jars on the table.


"Fee fi fo fum," the giant continued, "hee hi ho hum, I'm the stuff I'm telling you, for here's what I can do." His next verse was a small demonstration of his powers. "I can change myself into an elf, fly up high like the birdies, I can disappear into atmosphere; Peek-a-boo! 'Cause I know the magic wordies! Fi fo fee foy, fee fee fee fee—Fifi? I don't know no Fifi…fee fi fo fum, I smell…" He began sniffing the air and around the table, the three farmers trying to keep themselves out of harm's way. "Hm…pot roast! Chocolate pot roast! With cream gravy~"


The giant took his knife and fork, chopping up the food to make a sandwich, unaware that Tavros had been caught up in the mix until he added pepper, making the young troll sneeze. "Gesundheit," Tavros chuckled. The giant dropped him in surprise before chasing him across the table.


"Oh no you don't! You can't get away from me!" Tavros was about to stumble of the table's edge when the giant grabbed him. "I got'cha! …I think I got'cha." He peeked inside his hand to make sure. "Yeah, I got'cha."

The giant opened up his hand to get a better look at his pint-sized prisoner and watched Tavros walk across. "Ten, twenty, thirty, forty…boy, what a lifeline," he commented.


"Well what's this here?" the giant asked pointing to the line next to it. "What is it? What is it?"


"Oh, I can't believe it."


"Is it bad?"


"It says here that you can change into anything."


"Sure, sure," the giant smiled. "You wanna see me? I can change myself into the darnedest things. Go on, give me something, anything."






Tavros isn't going to miss this; he's got a good idea. "Well, uh, can you change into a fly?"


"An itsy-bitsy house fly?"


"That's it! A house fly!"


"Aww, you don't want that," the giant insisted. "How about a bunny with long floppy ears?"


"Well if you can't do a fly—"


"Alright, a fly; why?!"


"Well uh, hehe, because."


"Okay, a teeny, weeny fly. Now for the magic wordies!" As the giant sang his song, Tavros called Karkat and Gamzee over to pick up a big fly-swatter. However, once the song was finished they noticed the giant hadn't changed into his request but his own suggestion. "You sure you don't want a bunny? Hey, what is this?" He the realized what they were trying to do. "You think you can fool me?"


He snatched them into his clutches, and opened the box. He took the harp out ad dropped them inside, not noticing that Tavros had slipped off the side. He grabbed onto the back as the giant placed the box on a high shelf, locking Karkat and Gamzee inside.


Things are looking pretty dark for them but let's not forget the magic harp. She knows the giant's weakness. There still may be a chance to escape if she can use her voice to put the giant to sleep. "In my favorite dream~" she began, "Everyone is so delightful~ no one's mean or spiteful, in my favorite dream~"


As the giant grew sleepier, the harp guided Tavros to retrieve the key. He found a needle and pinned it to a spool, tying a string that would act as a rope around it. With the giant now asleep he slid down and went for the key in the giant's right vest pocket; the harp urged him to be careful.


Once there, Tavros lifted up the key, accidentally opening a box of snuff, a form of tobacco. This caused both him and the giant to sneeze. "Nightmare," the giant yawned, drifting back into his slumber.


Tavros climbed back up to the shelf and released his friends; success at last. Now to find the beanstalk and climb down to surprise Happy Valley. But wait, Tavros is going to make doubly sure, tying the giant's laces together just in case the giant…might wake up!


Tavros belted for the exit, the giant chasing after him. He slid down the beanstalk with the giant not too far behind. At the base, Gamzee and Karkat had begun sawing at the stalk until it could stand no more.


There goes the giant, tumbling over and over before plummeting to the ground. And with passing of the giant, the valley flourished with song and laughter once more. For with the return of the harp, peace and prosperity spread throughout the land and the people of the valley lived happily ever after.

Tavros and the Beanstalk
Based of Walt Disney's Mickey and the Beanstalk from the 1947 package feature 'Fun and Fancy Free' 

Notes: some scenes may have been removed because I didn't know how to make them sound good. The scene with Empress Feferi (Queen Minnie) was dropped from the final release of Mickey and the Beanstalk.

Fun and Fancy Free (c) Disney

Homestuck (c) Hussie

"Hold still now little one," You said softly as you fed the jumpy little animal in your arms. You worked with Wildlife Rescue at a reserve in the Australian outback. It was a safe haven for animals who had been victims of poaching, the illegal hunting of wild animals. At the moment you were dealing with a squirmy little baby kangaroo who had lost its mother in a recent incident. "Alright now, almost done." Once the young creature had finished, you released him and let him hop around the fenced-in area. Its hyper-activeness made you giggle.

Pulling up the lodge in a Jeep was one of your co-workers, Jack. "Oy! _______!" he called out to you. "Could you give me a hand over here?"

"Sure thing!" you shouted back, "Be right out!" You went around to the front and over to him. He led you to the back of the Jeep where there was a full-grown male kangaroo with an injured leg. "What happened?" you asked heaving the animal inside to where it could be treated.

"There we two men," Jack explained, "out by the river. They just started firing. This big guy was the only one I could get to." 

Jack was the lead in Extreme Animal Rescue. It was a dangerous and practically life-threatening position. Jack had once told you about a time when he went into close contact against a man with a serrated knife. He had a long scar across his chest to prove it. To you, Jack was the coolest person in the world. He was strong, brave, and in your opinion very attractive, but you couldn't tell him that. It was like a rule: never fall in love with your co-workers.

The two of you laid the animal down in the infirmary and let the specialists take over. You then went to the back and got him a drink. "I swear the poaching is getting worse," you stated.

"We've had twelve cases this week," Jack added.

"Where do they all come from?"

"I don't know." You both side and returned to your water.

"I wish there was some way I could help, but for the moment I'm stuck feeding babies and cleaning up feces."

"Hm…hey, you know, the boss man said he was considering letting me choose a rescue partner; you up for it?"

Your eyes grew wide at the offer. "M-Me? A rescue partner? 'Y-Your' rescue partner?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna need someone I can trust and you're the most trustworthy person I know. So, what do you say?"


"Great," Jack smiled getting up from his seat. "You'll start tomorrow; bright and early."

"Okay." After he left the room you squealed softly. You took a deep breath trying to calm yourself but you ended up shaking around out of pure joy.


The next day, Jack got you up at around 6 AM. This would have ticked you off because normally you wouldn't wake up for another two hours on your standard position, but it was worth it to be with Jack.

After getting cleaned up and dressed, you and Jack headed out for a day of scouting. "If there aren't any casualties today, we'll just be on watch in one spot."

"And if there are?" you asked.

"Don't worry, I promise I won't let any harm come to you." You blushed softly; you didn't know he cared so much. Did he really feel like you did? The two of you pulled up to your post at the river and set up your equipment, radio, camera, etc. You pulled out your notebook and started logging. You wrote:

Saturday, September 15, 2012, 7:00 AM. Scouting alongside Jack Ryder of Extreme Wildlife Rescue. No regrets at the moment. 

Jack went through his bag and pulled out a sandwich for each of you. "Here's breakfast," he said handing you yours. "I hope you like ham." You smiled at him and ate your sandwich.
"Jack," you mumbled with your mouth full.

"Yes?" he replied.

"What exactly is the probability of something going wrong today?"

"Hm…not sure; anything can happen really." You started to worry a little, but then you remembered Jack's promise that he wouldn't let you get hurt.

Jack had to radio a status report along with the other key checkpoints every hour and they would all be directed back to the main office back at the reserve. You kept logging even though there wasn't much to log about. After the first few hours you found yourself starting to draw your surroundings, the river, the shrubs and trees, and the little birds that came by every so often to get a drink or take a bath. Jack looked over your shoulder and commented, "I didn't know you could draw like that."

"Oh," you blushed, "it's nothing really. It's just something I do when I'm bored."
He chuckled, "sorry it's such a slow day, but I meant it; you're really good."


The slow day continued to drag on for what felt like forever, until you heard the hovering of a helicopter. "Jack," you began, "is that ours?"

"No it's not," Jack replied getting onto the radio, "attention all units! Attention all units! Confirmed sighting heading towards the canyon! Team B, do you copy?"

"Yes sir," the team closet to the canyon answered, "But we're having some engine trouble. Our oil tank is leaking."

"Stay where you are then, ______ and I will take care of it." Jack clicked off the radio and sped towards the canyon. "______, put this on," he said handing you a bullet-proof vest; his 'only' bullet-proof vest.

"What about you?" you asked sadly.

"Don't worry about me; it's not important. What's important is that we keep these people away from the eagles." You mostly knew what he was talking about. The canyon was home to a rare species of eagle, a valuable prize for any poacher.

"Jack, we're not gonna make it. They're too fast."

"I'm not going to let such beautiful creatures disappear from the face of the earth." This was the bravery and determination that you admired Jack for. He always thought about protecting others more than himself.

You reached the bottom of the cliff right under the eagle's nest. One of the poachers jumped off the edge of the helicopter and onto the cliff close to the nest. The mother eagle started biting and clawing at the man, trying to ward him away. He pulled out a syringe with a high dose of tranquilizer that would render the target immobile long enough for it to be captured.

Jack was now half-way up the cliff, ready to protect the animal, when he got close, the poacher piloting the helicopter called out to his partner, "Look out!"

"Don't just sit there! Shoot him!" the other shouted trying still to quiet the bird.

"I can't fly and shoot at the same time!" 

"Don't give me that! Just shoot him!" The pilot rolled his eyes and fired aimlessly while trying to fly. Jack dodged the bullets and continued climbing up. He reached the nest and grabbed the poacher's ankle. "Kill him!" the man roared.

"I can't! I might hit you!"

This was all too much for you. You couldn't bear to see Jack get killed. You took a deep breath and swiftly climbed up the cliff. You needed to move fast but there was too much weight on you. Desperately wanting to save the one you loved, you pulled off the vest and kept climbing. "Jack!" you shouted.

"______!" he yelled. "Go back; it's too dangerous!"

"Get the girl!" the poacher shouted to his partner.

"No!" Jack used all his strength, pushing the man off the cliff. He shielded your body with his, taking a bullet to the shoulder. He groaned loudly at the intense pain. The eagle spread its wings and shooed off the chopper; there was nothing more he could do…not today.

"Jack! Jack!" you shouted once he was gone, "Oh please don't die! I couldn't live with myself if you died. I love you!" You heard a vehicle pull up below you. A rescue team helped you and Jack down the rocky walls. 

Along with them was your boss who asked, "_______, are you alright? Where are the poachers?"

"Well Jack pushed one off the cliff to his death, and the other flew off after shooting Jack in the shoulder. He was aiming for me. I would've died if Jack hadn't saved me."
"Alright, this man needs to get to the hospital." An emergency aircraft came by and lifted up Jack, carrying him to the hospital.

"Please be alright," you wept.


Later on, you went and visited Jack at the hospital. Medics were able to treat Jack's wound but it would leave him with a scar he'd carry to the grave. You walked silently into the room, not wanting to wake him up. You sat down beside him and held his hand. "This is all my fault," you said sadly. "He got hurt trying to protect me." Tears started forming in your eyes and you began to cry. "I'm sorry Jack; I'm so sorry."

Jack's eyes opened up slightly. "______?" he said slowly. You gasped when you heard his soft, tired voice. "Why are you crying?"

"Oh…it's nothing just…those poachers almost killed you…and it's all because of me," you sniffled. He raised his good arm and cupped your face in his hand, wiping away your tears. "Jack?"

"______ listen to me, this is not your fault; it's mine. I put you in danger by asking you to be my partner. I was being completely irresponsible." You put your hand on his, gripping it warmly.

"Why did you try to fight them?"

"I don't know. I guess I was trying to impress you."

"Impress me? Why?"

"I just…wanted you to like me."

You blushed and smiled softly. "But I already liked you."

"Y-You did?"

You nodded and leaned down to him and planted a soft kiss on his lips. "Crickey," he sighed.

"Jack," you said kindly, "you're the coolest person I know. The way you care for these creatures makes my heart warm inside. I always hoped that one day you'd care for me too."

"Oh ______, I do; I really do." You smiled, brushing the back of your fingers across his forehead and kissing it lightly.

You stayed alongside Jack in the hospital that night, softly snuggling up to him. Every now and again there would be an exchange of words and it was always the same thing, "I love you."

There are a million people in the U.S. alone suffering from HIV/AIDS; you’re one of them. It all started when your parents divorced just as you were entering high school. Your father was given full custody of you due to your mother’s drug addictions. I guess bad habits run in the family. You dropped out of school at sixteen and got into your own ‘vices’.

Once you were old enough, you moved out and found an apartment compound at a cheap price in downtown Los Angeles. It was thanks to your run of the mill waitress that you were able to afford it. Alongside your job, you continued your drug usage, even more so that it was now even easier to come by with all the different dealers and the fact you didn’t have to hide it from your dad anymore.

Discovering you had AIDS was devastating. You were scared; what was going to happen to you? Your drug usage went down but didn’t stop even though you now had to use a fraction of your paycheck for refills of your AZT. 

Today you were heading to a Life Support group for people with your condition. Just as you were coming up to the door, you ran into a young man with short black hair. “_____?” he called you by name but you didn’t recognize him.

“Uh…” was all you could say.

“It’s me, Yao; remember?”

“Yao? Yao Wang?”

Yao had been your best friend throughout grade school. His parents moved him to a private school after fifth grade which judging by his wardrobe and location he didn’t stick with. You shared a hug and a smile. “What are you doing here?” he asked. 

Before you could answer, your monitor went off, reminding you to take your AZT. “Oh no,” Yao muttered as you gulped down your pill.

“What?” you spoke. You thought for a moment before repeating his words, “Oh no.” You weren’t the only one in this conversation with AIDS. 

An awkward silence fell around both of you. Yao quickly changed the subject to the cliché ‘it’s kinda chilly out here’. You went along with it as the two of you walked into the building to join the group.


Afterwards, Yao invited you for coffee and you both continued your previous conversation in a nearby park. “Sorry I didn’t recognize you,” you began. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with short hair.”

“It’s okay,” Yao smiled.

“It looks nice, but I liked the ponytail better.” Yao chuckled; you’d always tug on his tail at school when you were younger. 

“I never thought the next time we’d see each other was at Life Support,” Yao continued.

“Same,” you replied.

“How?” he asked.

You were hesitant because you felt embarrassed. After a moment you spoke, “it was right before ninth grade; after my parents split up.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

You nodded and continued. “I was basically on my own. I dropped out at sixteen and started getting into drugs. I wasn’t prepared for it.”

“No one ever is,” Yao added.

“How’d you end up like this?” you asked. “I thought your parents sent you to private school.”

“They did; it sucked. I dropped out too, but I wasn’t doing drugs. I did however hook up with a girl who had been.”

“Oh Yao…”

“She was very persuasive; and drunk. One kiss and I was hooked. That’s one sour way to lose one’s virginity. I feel horrible just thinking about it.” Tears started to drop from Yao’s eyes. You put down your coffee and wrapped him in a hug.

“It’s okay,” you said in a comforting tone. “We’ll get through this together.”

“Thank you ______,” Yao managed to crack a smile.

“You’re welcome.”


As the sun started to set, Yao walked you back to your apartment. “Well I guess I’ll see you later,” you smiled going up the steps.

“Yeah, guess so,” Yao added.




“You know what the worst thing was about going to that school was?” Yao asked following behind you.

“What?” you responded.

“Living every day without you.”

“Yao I—” You were silenced by a spontaneous kiss from Yao. Your eyes widened, blinking rapidly after Yao pulled away.

The young Chinese man before you became flustered, realizing what he just did. 
“Um…I should go.”

“Wait,” you called to him; he turned back to you. You went up, wrapped your arms around him and kissed him back.

“Aiyah,” Yao blushed once you had pulled away. “So does this mean you like me too?” You nodded with a sincere smile; he smiled back. “Can I stay with you ______?”

“Oh course Yao; anytime.”

“How about all the time?” You tilted your head, slightly confused. “I got evicted this morning; I am homeless.” You giggled and lead him inside.


With Yao back in your life, life had definitely gotten better for the both of you. You stopped using drugs and your work ethic had improved. Best of all, you got to fall asleep in Yao’s arms every night. 

Together, you fought your battle against AIDS, but it would only last so long. You passed away from the virus almost two years after you encountered Yao for the first time since the end of grade school.

At your funeral, Yao stepped up to your coffin and placed what was supposed to be your engagement ring on your frigid left hand. Yao had been planning on proposing to you. Truly a tragic turn of events.

After you had been laid to rest in the local cemetery, Yao knelt down at your grave, ushering the other attendees away. With tears in his eyes, he said softly, “I don’t know when I’ll be joining you my love but I am sure to do so; wait for me.” 

The next morning, the cemetery attendant was surprised to find Yao lying at the foot of your headstone. When he was woken up, he apologized by saying, “I’m sorry sir; I just had to spend one last night with her.”


United States

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