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There are a million people in the U.S. alone suffering from HIV/AIDS; you’re one of them. It all started when your parents divorced just as you were entering high school. Your father was given full custody of you due to your mother’s drug addictions. I guess bad habits run in the family. You dropped out of school at sixteen and got into your own ‘vices’.

Once you were old enough, you moved out and found an apartment compound at a cheap price in downtown Los Angeles. It was thanks to your run of the mill waitress that you were able to afford it. Alongside your job, you continued your drug usage, even more so that it was now even easier to come by with all the different dealers and the fact you didn’t have to hide it from your dad anymore.

Discovering you had AIDS was devastating. You were scared; what was going to happen to you? Your drug usage went down but didn’t stop even though you now had to use a fraction of your paycheck for refills of your AZT. 

Today you were heading to a Life Support group for people with your condition. Just as you were coming up to the door, you ran into a young man with short black hair. “_____?” he called you by name but you didn’t recognize him.

“Uh…” was all you could say.

“It’s me, Yao; remember?”

“Yao? Yao Wang?”

Yao had been your best friend throughout grade school. His parents moved him to a private school after fifth grade which judging by his wardrobe and location he didn’t stick with. You shared a hug and a smile. “What are you doing here?” he asked. 

Before you could answer, your monitor went off, reminding you to take your AZT. “Oh no,” Yao muttered as you gulped down your pill.

“What?” you spoke. You thought for a moment before repeating his words, “Oh no.” You weren’t the only one in this conversation with AIDS. 

An awkward silence fell around both of you. Yao quickly changed the subject to the cliché ‘it’s kinda chilly out here’. You went along with it as the two of you walked into the building to join the group.


Afterwards, Yao invited you for coffee and you both continued your previous conversation in a nearby park. “Sorry I didn’t recognize you,” you began. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with short hair.”

“It’s okay,” Yao smiled.

“It looks nice, but I liked the ponytail better.” Yao chuckled; you’d always tug on his tail at school when you were younger. 

“I never thought the next time we’d see each other was at Life Support,” Yao continued.

“Same,” you replied.

“How?” he asked.

You were hesitant because you felt embarrassed. After a moment you spoke, “it was right before ninth grade; after my parents split up.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

You nodded and continued. “I was basically on my own. I dropped out at sixteen and started getting into drugs. I wasn’t prepared for it.”

“No one ever is,” Yao added.

“How’d you end up like this?” you asked. “I thought your parents sent you to private school.”

“They did; it sucked. I dropped out too, but I wasn’t doing drugs. I did however hook up with a girl who had been.”

“Oh Yao…”

“She was very persuasive; and drunk. One kiss and I was hooked. That’s one sour way to lose one’s virginity. I feel horrible just thinking about it.” Tears started to drop from Yao’s eyes. You put down your coffee and wrapped him in a hug.

“It’s okay,” you said in a comforting tone. “We’ll get through this together.”

“Thank you ______,” Yao managed to crack a smile.

“You’re welcome.”


As the sun started to set, Yao walked you back to your apartment. “Well I guess I’ll see you later,” you smiled going up the steps.

“Yeah, guess so,” Yao added.




“You know what the worst thing was about going to that school was?” Yao asked following behind you.

“What?” you responded.

“Living every day without you.”

“Yao I—” You were silenced by a spontaneous kiss from Yao. Your eyes widened, blinking rapidly after Yao pulled away.

The young Chinese man before you became flustered, realizing what he just did. 
“Um…I should go.”

“Wait,” you called to him; he turned back to you. You went up, wrapped your arms around him and kissed him back.

“Aiyah,” Yao blushed once you had pulled away. “So does this mean you like me too?” You nodded with a sincere smile; he smiled back. “Can I stay with you ______?”

“Oh course Yao; anytime.”

“How about all the time?” You tilted your head, slightly confused. “I got evicted this morning; I am homeless.” You giggled and lead him inside.


With Yao back in your life, life had definitely gotten better for the both of you. You stopped using drugs and your work ethic had improved. Best of all, you got to fall asleep in Yao’s arms every night. 

Together, you fought your battle against AIDS, but it would only last so long. You passed away from the virus almost two years after you encountered Yao for the first time since the end of grade school.

At your funeral, Yao stepped up to your coffin and placed what was supposed to be your engagement ring on your frigid left hand. Yao had been planning on proposing to you. Truly a tragic turn of events.

After you had been laid to rest in the local cemetery, Yao knelt down at your grave, ushering the other attendees away. With tears in his eyes, he said softly, “I don’t know when I’ll be joining you my love but I am sure to do so; wait for me.” 

The next morning, the cemetery attendant was surprised to find Yao lying at the foot of your headstone. When he was woken up, he apologized by saying, “I’m sorry sir; I just had to spend one last night with her.”

It was a beautiful morning in Vancouver. Your husband Matthew was off to work for the day.  "Have a good day," you said sweetly kissing him.

"Same to the two of you," he replied softly caressing the round lump on your stomach. You were both expecting your first child in a little more than a week. He gave you one last kiss before heading out to his car. You walked back inside the house and into the kitchen where a big stack of freshly made pancakes was waiting for you.

"Okay honey," you spoke to your baby, "this stack's a bit bigger than last time. Think you can handle it?" You felt a soft kick at your side. "that's what I like to hear…or feel…?" You wasted no time stuffing your face with maple goodness.

After finishing off your breakfast, you planted yourself on the couch with a glass of milk in your hand. For the past few months you had been watching preschool programming, making you feel like a real parent. You hoped your offspring would enjoy these shows as much as you did. A couple of hours passed by and just a Blues Clues was about to start, you felt something in your belly that didn't feel like a kick. You then realized what it was and groaned, "Now? Really?" The infant inside your womb wasn't going to be one for arguing. You slowly stood up and waddled over to the phone to call your neighbor; thank God it was her day off.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Anna," you panted.

"______, are you okay?"

"Sort of, my water just broke."

"Oh my goodness!" the girl on the other side of the phone yelled. "Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Thanks." After you hung up the phone, your next instinct was to tell Matthew. You quickly dialed the phone, Matthew picking up just as fast.

"Hello?" he replied.

"Honey, it's time."


"Now just calm down. I called Anna and she's giving me a ride."

Matthew barely heard you. He was busy screaming to his co-workers, "My wife's having her baby!" You heard your call disconnect and put it back on the receiver.

You decided to just slip on your flip-flops and waited for Anna on your front porch. A light green Toyota pulled up to your curb about seven minutes later. She ushered you over to the car and helped you into the backseat. "You have no idea how much these means to me."

"It's no problem, as long as can be the godmother."

You chuckled, "Deal."

You made it to the hospital in record time with a few bumps along that shook you up a bit. "Excuse me," Anna said to the lady at the counter, "my friend is about to have a baby."

"Oh my," she gasped looking to you and handing you a clipboard. "Alright, if I could get you to fill this out really fast and we'll get you into a room as soon as possible."

"Thank you," you sighed filling out the form. Once you were finished, a few nurses led you into the other room.

Matthew arrived at the hospital a few minutes later. Lucky for the both you his boss was a very understanding man with two kids of his own. He approached the counter looking nervous. "I'm looking for my wife," he gasped for air, "______ Williams."

"Of course sir," the lady said. "Just go down the hall and it'll be the fifth door on your right."

"Thank you," Matthew said gratefully. He followed the directions he was given exactly until he reached your room. "______?"

"Matthew," you sighed. He walked to your side and held your hand.

"How are you feeling?"

"Much better with you here." You smiled at him as he lightly kissed your forehead.

"Okay Mrs. Williams," the doctor said to you, "are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Alright, now push." You did as the doctor told you and started pushing. You winced in pain as you squeezed Matthew's hand as hard as you could. "Just a little more."

"You've got this honey," Matthew said encouragingly. Anna gave you a thumbs up from the sidelines. With one last push you heard the sound of your newborn baby girl.

"It's a girl," one of the nurses said. 

You sighed as you cradled your new baby in your arms. "She's beautiful," Matthew commented. "Just like you." You gave your husband a kiss, thankful that he could be here with you to see the miracle your love created.

"I cannot wait to get these screaming metal deathtraps off my face!" you complained as you tugged on your braces. You had had them for nearly three years and you were scheduled to get them of at the end of the month. You always hated having them on and you were so happy that you were getting them off soon.

There was one thing about having braces that you didn't mind; eating ice cream to your heart's content. There was a little ice cream parlor a few blocks from your house that you always went to.

That morning you walked in to find it packed. Man, were they busy today. "_____," the cashier called to you, "Usual?"

"Yeah," you called back, "thanks Carlos."

You had met Carlos the first time you went to that shop. He took sympathy on you when you first showed him the metal monstrosities on your teeth. Not long after that, you had become the best of friends. He always knew what you wanted every time you came by. That's why you only went when you knew it was his shift. "So how are your braces feeling?" Carlos asked when you reached the counter.

"Same as always," you groaned, "annoying. Thank God I'm getting them off soon."

"Aw, does that mean you won't come see me anymore?"

"Don't be ridiculous; what I have on my face has nothing to do with our friendship." You handed you your cup of ice cream and you thanked him. He took a seat and were about to open your cup when you noticed something written on the lid. It said in big red letters 'Will you go out with me?' You looked back over to Carlos who averted his eyes and started to twiddle his thumbs. You smiled, pulled out a pen, and wrote on the opposite side of the lid.

After you had finished, you walked back to the counter and handed him the lid before exiting where you had written 'yes'.


United States

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